Vent Mode

Lots of things on my mind lately. Seems like an appropriate time to get it out. I strive to be heard but sometimes its nice to just talk. 2014 has been an addition to my life. Lots of new things happened. I felt acceptance outside my family. I worked on my positivity. I know I have come a long way in my life in regards to my anger and sadness. People often don’t even suspect me to be unhappy. This isn’t something I try to force it just is. I don’t feel sorry for myself, I just constantly try to find ways to improve myself. I make mistakes. Everyone does. I think one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is trying to fake how I feel. Constantly on pins and needles not sure how to go about saying how I feel. When I think of love I think of the closest bond two can have. Love can be with family, children, friends. But right now I’m talking about love with two people. The way I see it is you should be able to be yourself 100% no matter what. If you are in a cranky mood they should do everything they can to put a smile on your face because they LOVE YOU. I love unconditionally which is probably not always the best. Even when you don’t want my love I continue to give it because I want to give people all the things I never had.

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